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Professional Services

Guild AI provides data scientists and ML engineering experts to help you build effective and efficient ML systems.

Problem Definition and Assessment

Before investing in data engineering and model development, verify that you’ve identified solvable problems that are meaningful to your organization. What is current state-of-the-art for the tasks you want to perform? Do you have access to enough of the right data? What will it cost to get the data? Guild AI can help you answer these questions and position your project for success during implementation.

Data Engineering

Without the right data, you can’t build useful models. This often an under-appreciated fact when building ML-enabled applications. Effective data engineering requires data science expertise and creativity to obtain the right raw data and transform them into learnable features. Guild AI offers years of experience in data engineering and can help orient your project for success in model development phases.

Model Development

Model development receives most of the attention when building ML applications. However, model development is an iterative process intricately related to problem definition and data engineering efforts. As you experiment with different data sets and model architectures, you continually consider and explore alternatives and refine your pipelines. Guild AI specializes in this process and can help build model development best practices in your organization.

Pipeline Development

Pipelines are continuous processes that build and verify models. They can be simple, such as Guild AI enabled project, or complex, such as a distributed containerized build system in Kubernetes. Guild AI offers deep engineering capabilities to help scope and build the right ML pipelines for your organization.

Application Monitoring and Support

ML applications require ongoing monitoring and improvement. Underlying processes change, new data arrive, and state-of-the-art improves. These changes have important implications for running systems. Without proper monitoring, predictive performance can fall without being noticed, exposing your organization to risk of unhappy users or regulatory violations. Guild AI can help you identify application monitoring and support requirements at the start of a project and support your organization through development and ongoing operations.

Priority Guild AI Support

Organizations that rely on Guild AI open source software can purchase priority support contracts from Guild AI.

  • Priority support tickets
  • Priority bug fixes
  • Priority feature requests and custom development

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