Guild AI brings systematic control to machine learning to help you build better models faster. It's freely available under the Apache 2.0 open source license.

experiment tracking

Track Experiments

Guild automatically captures every detail of your training runs as unique experiments.

compare and anlayze runs

Compare and Analyze Runs

Use results to deepen your understanding and incrementally improve your models.

tune hyperparameters

Tune Hyperparameters

Find optimal hyperparameters without setting up complicated trials.

automate pipelines

Automate Pipelines

Accelerate model development, eliminate costly errors, and measure results.

train and backup remotely

Train and Backup Remotely

Train on GPU accelerated systems running on any cloud or on-prem environment.

publish and share results

Publish and Share Results

Share your results with colleagues through HTML, Markdown or LaTex based reports.

command line interface

Command Line Interface

Use your current console based work flow with Guild's POSIX compliant interface.

jupyter notebook integration

Jupyter Notebook Integration

Use Notebooks or interactive shells with Guild's Python interface.

Control and Measure
control and measure machine learning experiments

Record each operation, including source code, hyperparameters, results, and generated artifacts. Build with confidence having full governance and auditability.

Go Beyond Notebooks
go beyond notebooks to track experiments

Run your Notebook code with Guild to record summaries over the entire life cycle of your models. Know what changed three hours ago, or three years!

Tune Hyperparameters
use past experiments to suggest optimal hyperparameter values

Apply state-of-the-art tuning algorithms to your models with simple commands. Easily optimize with upstream changes to data or model architecture.

Compare and Diff
compare and diff machine learning experiments

Identify fine grained differences across runs to resolve complex issues and give data scientists the feedback needed to make informed decisions.

Automate Tasks
automate machine learnign experiment tracking

Guild supports a simple configuration scheme that lets you define model operations that perform complex tasks with a single command.

Best Practices
support best practices for machine learning development

Integrate Guild features into any environment without reengineering effort. Commands are POSIX compliant and run without external dependencies.