gpkg.slim is an image classification toolkit for TensorFlow Slim. It is used by model developers who want to implement image classifiers using state of the art models from TF-Slim.

To use gpkg.slim you must extend package configuration in your project Guild file. Refer to the documentation below for details.

This package does not contain any models. If you want to use TF-Slim models directly, install gpkg.slim.models.


While the underlying TensorFlow Slim library is deprecated, TensorFlow continues to support state of the art models and pretrained networks using TF-Slim. TF-Slim also serves as the basis for TensorFlow Hub computer vision models. Guild maintains up-to-date support for these model architectures through this package and through gpkg.slim.models.

Name gpkg.slim
Description TF-Slim support (Guild AI) This package contains reusable config for implementing custom TF-Slim models. It does not contain model definitions. If you want to use TF-Slim models directly, see `gpkg.slim.models`.
Version 0.5.2
Author Guild AI
  1. Create TF-Slim based classifier

Create TF-Slim based classifier

See the guide Create an image classifier for step-by-step instructions.