Guild View

Guild View is a visual application provided with the Guild AI toolkit. It can be used to view run results and browse run artifacts. It also integrates with TensorBoard to let you view TensorFlow event logs generated for runs.

Guild View

Guild View
  1. Starting Guild View
  2. Viewing specific runs
  3. Filtering runs within Guild View
  4. Viewing run files
  5. View runs in TensorBoard
  6. Automatic updates
  7. Stopping Guild View

Starting Guild View

Start Guild View by running:

guild view

This will start Guild View an a randomly selected port and open it in your browser.


If you’re running Guild View on a remote server, Guild will not be able to open it on your workstation. Instead, manually open the link displayed by the guild view command.

If you’d like to run Guild View on a specific port, use:

guild view --port PORT

If you’d like to start Guild View without opening a new browser window, use:

guild view --no-open

For more help, see the view command.

Viewing specific runs

You can limit the runs that you view using various Guild View options.

For example, to view only runs for operations associated with a particular model, use the ‑o (or ‑‑operation) option and specify the model:

guild view -o MODEL

For example, if you’re working with the resnet‑50 model, you can tell Guild View to only show runs for that model by running:

guild view -o resnet-50

For a complete list of options, see the view command.

Filtering runs within Guild View

You can further filter runs in Guild View using the Filter input in the upper left of the window.

Runs can be filtered using:

  • Package
  • Model
  • Operation name
  • Run ID

Viewing run files

You can browse run files—both those used as run input and those generated as output—by clicking on the FILES tab.

Guild View - Files tab

Guild View - FILES tab

Use the Filter input at the top of the files list to view only files you’re interested in.

Guild View provides a built-in file viewer for some file types:

  • Images
  • Music

If a file can be opened in Guild View, its name will appear as a light grey button. When you click the button, Guild will open a file viewer.

Guild View - Media

Media file names have have grey buttons, which can be clicked to view the file.

When you’re viewing files in Guild View, you can navigate through them using NEXT and PREV buttons.

Guild View - Media

Use Guild View to view generated artifacts like images and music

View runs in TensorBoard

Guild View provides integration with TensorBoard. To view TensorFlow event logs, click View in
TensorBoard in the upper left of the window.


If you’re running Guild View on a remote server, the View in TensorBoard feature will work. This is a known issue and will be fixed in upcoming releases of Guild AI. To view runs in TensorBoard on a remote server, use the tensorboard command from the remote server instead of Guild View.

Automatic updates

Guild View and TensorBoard will automatically update to show the latest runs and run files.

Stopping Guild View

Guild View will run until it’s stopped. To stop Guild View, type CTRL‑C in the console window where Guild View is running.


When you’ve stopped Guild View, the associated browser window will no longer update or respond.