view command

  1. Usage
  2. Options


guild view [OPTIONS] [RUN...]

Visualize runs.


-h, --host HOST

Name of host interface to listen on.

-p, --port PORT

Port to listen on.

-n, --no-open

Don't open Guild View in a browser.


Log requests.


View run files using file browser rather than start Guild View. Guild View related options (‑‑no‑open, ‑‑logging) are ignored.

-o, --operation VAL

Include runs with operations matching VAL.

-l, --label VAL

Include runs with labels matching VAL.

-u, --unlabeled

Include only runs without labels.

-M, --marked

Include only marked runs.

-U, --unmarked

Include only unmarked runs.

-R, --running

Include only runs that are still running.

-C, --completed

Include only completed runs.

-E, --error

Include only runs that exited with an error.

-T, --terminated

Include only runs terminated by the user.

-P, --pending

Include only pending runs.

--help Show command help and exit.
Guild AI version 0.6.5.dev3