tensorboard command

  1. Usage
  2. Options


guild tensorboard [OPTIONS] [RUN...]

Visualize runs with TensorBoard.

This command will start a TensorBoard process and open a browser window for you. TensorBoard will show the views that are selected using the commands filters. This list corresponds to the the runs shown when running guild runs.

This command will not exit until you type CTRL‑c to stop it.

If you'd like to change the filters used to select runs, stop the command and re-run it with a different set of filters. You may alternatively start another instance of TensorBoard in a separate console.

TensorBoard will automatically refresh with the current run data.

If you're prefer that Guild not open a browser window, run the command with the ‑‑no‑open option.

By default, Guild will start the TensorBoard process on a randomly selected free port. If you'd like to specify the port that TensorBoard runs on, use the ‑‑port option.


-h, --host HOST

Name of host interface to listen on.

-p, --port PORT

Port to listen on.

--refresh-interval SECONDS

Refresh interval (defaults to 5 seconds).

-n, --no-open

Don't open TensorBoard in a browser.

-o, --operation VAL

Include runs with operations matching VAL.

-l, --label VAL

Include runs with labels matching VAL.

-u, --unlabeled

Include only runs without labels.

-M, --marked

Include only marked runs.

-U, --unmarked

Include only unmarked runs.

-R, --running

Include only runs that are still running.

-C, --completed

Include only completed runs.

-E, --error

Include only runs that exited with an error.

-T, --terminated

Include only runs terminated by the user.

-P, --pending

Include only pending runs.

--help Show command help and exit.
Guild AI version 0.6.5.dev3