runs pull command

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guild runs pull [OPTIONS] REMOTE [RUN...]

Copy one or more runs from a remote location.

RUN must be the complete run ID of the remote run.

NOTE: Guild does not currently support listing remote runs. To pull specific runs, query the remote server for the full run ID of each run you want to pull.

You may alternatively use ‑‑all to pull all remote runs. If ‑‑all is specified, RUN arguments cannot be specified.

‑‑verbose is always enabled when ‑‑all is specified.

REMOTE must be define in ~/.guild/config.yml. See REMOTES below for more information.

By default Guild will prompt you before copying. If you want to apply the changes without being prompted, use the ‑‑yes option.


Remotes are non-local systems that Guild can interact with. They are defined in ~/.guild/config.yml under the remotes section.

For a list of supported remotes, see


-o, --operation VAL

Include runs with operations matching VAL.

-l, --label VAL

Include runs with labels matching VAL.

-u, --unlabeled

Include only runs without labels.

-M, --marked

Include only marked runs.

-U, --unmarked

Include only unmarked runs.

-R, --running

Include only runs that are still running.

-C, --completed

Include only completed runs.

-E, --error

Include only runs that exited with an error.

-T, --terminated

Include only runs terminated by the user.

-P, --pending

Include only pending runs.

-d, --delete

Delete local files missing on remote.

-y, --yes

Do not prompt before copying.

--help Show command help and exit.
Guild AI version 0.6.5.dev3