package command

  1. Usage
  2. Options


guild package [OPTIONS]

Create a package for distribution.

Packages are built from projects that contain guildfile with a package definition, which describes the package to be built.

You may upload the generated package distribution to a PyPI repository by using the ‑‑upload option or to the PyPI test site by using ‑‑upload‑test.

You may upload to an alternative repository using ‑‑upload‑repo. REPO may be a URL or the name of a section in ~/.pypirc. For more information on the .pypirc file, see:



Clean build directories before creating package.

-d, --dist-dir DIR

Directory to create the package distribution in.


Upload to PyPI after creating the package.


Upload to the PyPI test site after creating the package.

--repo REPO

Upload to REPO after creating the package.

-s, --sign

Sign a package distribution upload with gpg.

-i, --identity IDENTITY

GPG identity used to sign upload.

-u, --user USERNAME

PyPI user name for upload.

-p, --password PASSWORD

PyPI password for upload.

-e, --skip-existing

Don't upload if package already exists.

-c, --comment COMMENT

Comment to include with upload.

--help Show command help and exit.
Guild AI version 0.6.7.dev9